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How training LESS can actually make you jump HIGHER

Click here for the exercise mentioned in the video. Most of you are training too much. That's right. You’re doing too many repetitions... you’re putting too many hours in the gym… ...and what happens is your body can be tuned for endurance,...

Q&A – How To Heal Jumpers Knee (Patellar Tendonitis)

Our Bullet Proof Your Game program includes a proven A-Z protocol for rehabbing jumpers knee so you never have to deal with it again. Check it here - https://trainhard-trainsmart.com/bpyg

Q&A: Is It Better To Be A 1-Foot Or 2-Foot Jumper?

Got this question from John Peterson. Check the answer and tips in the video: Our Instant Inches program can be found here: https://trainhard-trainsmart.com/instantinches Our Jump Manual program can be found here: https://trainhard-trainsmart.com/jumpmanual
Does Jumping Rope Increase Vertical Leapvideo

Does Jumping Rope Increase Vertical Leap?

Jump rope is an exercise that could be killing your vertical leap. Does jumping rope increase vertical leap? It can, but only at first... and from that point on your vertical leap may begin to slowly decrease. Let me tell you why... When...

The 3 Reasons Why Most Players Can’t Dunk (& How To Fix It)

Over the years I've coached thousands of athletes to jump higher... From middle school age kids to professional and olympic level athletes... There are 3 main reasons I've seen that hold any athlete back from jumping high enough to dunk. The good...