Are Calves Important For Your Vertical Leap?

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I always get asked “how are the calves important in how high you jump?”. People always ask me, “how important are the calves?”

Oh, the calves are important… Oh, they aren’t…

I want to cut passed that question and ask the question that people aren’t asking that is very important…?

Yes I will tell you right off the bat, calves are important,?but what people aren’t asking is how important are the tendons??

You see the achilles tendon, which is this tendon right here, is extremely potent. Because tendons, you see are more explosive than muscles.?

Tendons can propel you into the air with greater velocity than muscle.

Muscle relies on contracting to be powerful. A tendon relies on it’s elasticity. But the thing about a tendon is that when it stretches there’s a great amount of potential energy in that stretch.

So the faster you can stretch that tender and releases it, the more powerful you’re going to be able to propel yourself into the air using your tendons.

There’s also this technique to this. Furthermore there are exercises you can do to increase the elastic properties of the tendon. That means you can make your tendon stronger, more explosive, more elastic.

And you can also train your central nervous system which is the brain, the machine that actually fires your muscles… you can train that to use your tendons more powerfully.

I go over these exercises in a workbook called Power Bouncing.

And you can grab that workbook for free today here and it will go over how to use your tendons how also to use your calves more in your jump, and how to maximize your calves and your tendons with one simple exercise.

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