The Kangaroo’s Secret To Jumping Over 30 Feet, And How To Use It To Add Inches To Your Vertical Leap

What in the world does a Kangaroo have to do with being able to jump higher?

This is what:


That is a tendon…

And it’s the secret to Kangaroos being able to jump over 30 feet.?

And it’s not just Kangaroos…?all sorts of high and long jumping mammals have this same large tendon that helps them jump like crazy.?

That tendon acts like a large elastic band to spring the them off the ground.?

When the Kangaroo plants, the tendon is stretched…

And then when it’s allowed to snap back, the elasticity propels it into the air.?

Tendons’ elastic properties make them faster and more explosive than a simple contracting muscle.


Humans also have the “Achilles tendon” which can be used to increase explosive leaping in the exact same way:


I’ve analyzed with slow motion the jumping form of hundreds of elite level jumpers.

These athletes are not only strong and explosive, but they have amazing jumping technique.

One thing they all do (which utilizes their achilles tendon)… Is what I call:?

Pre Ground Contact Acceleration

Essentially… Right before they jump… They accelerate their feet into the ground.

They DO NOT.. Step or land… And then starting jumping.

They DO… Start the jumping motion before their feet hit the ground.

This generates more force and velocity into the ground.

They do this in a way that activates their tendons…?

And it’s something you can start doing right now to increase your bounce.?

The more force and acceleration you can send into the ground…?

The more force and acceleration will go into your jump…

Because you’re loading up that spring effect in your tendon.

So basically the force you pounded into the ground is the force that sends you skyward.

I teach all my athletes a very simple and specific drill called “Power Bouncing” that teaches your body to increase the amount of force you generate into the ground…

Doing this increases their jumping power and explosiveness almost immediately.

If you’re interested in learning how to do the Power Bouncing exercise you can download a free copy of it here.?

(There’s also a video in there where I go over exactly how to do it.)

But just remember that jumping is not only about muscular strength…

There’s much more that goes into it…?

Simple hacks like this one with your tendons can give you an easy boost to your jump.?

If you want to get access to ALL my vertical jump hacks ?(there’s about 10 if used together that will increase your vertical up to 6″ almost immediately) you can grab a copy of my “Instant Inches” program here.?

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