Dunking in my underwear: Possibly the most embarrassing & triumphant moment of my basketball life

This was one of the most embarrassing and at the same time triumphant moments of my basketball life.

I had just arrived at my new college campus a few days earlier…

This was a very strict school… they had rules about everything, from dress code to the facial hair you could have, etc.

They even gave gym issue shorts and shirts.

When I went to play hoops at the campus rec center… I wasn’t aware I could have brought my own shorts…

So I had these “General Issue” shorts on.

They were so small, and so tight… it looked like I was wearing underwear.

OH WELL… I figured everyone else would also be wearing the same issue shorts.

I walked onto the court, and heard people snickering, and laughing as I was the only one wearing those stupid shorts.

I saw a group of guys making fun of how I looked in my stupid tight short shorts.

For a few months before this I had been developing training techniques that are now published in my Jump Manual program and I’d added around 10 inches to my vertical leap.

So we start playing and I get onto a fast break…

…I see the defender coming at me and it’s the same guy who was laughing at me before the game…

I came through and took off one foot outside of the paint, rose well above him and threw down a HARD one handed jam.

No one expected it.

The gym went quiet, and there was like that … oooooooohhhhhh daaaaaa….

The rest of the game I spent dominating that kid and then he said he didn’t want to guard me anymore.

Honestly… it was one of my most proud moments.

I wasn’t always “cool” and here I was… new… actually being made fun of … IN COLLEGE.

And it felt so good to have earned RESPECT, and it gave me so much confidence.

As you probably know, confidence is HUGE in how well you play overall.

Ever since then, I knew that whenever I walked onto a court I could earn respect.

If you want to check out The Jump Manual you can learn more here.


It has allowed thousands of athletes maximize their explosive and athletic ability.

You’ve gotta train hard, but without training smart too, you’ll never reach your full potential.

So start training smart

And always bring your own shorts, lol.

To your success,
Jacob Hiller


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