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Are Calves Important For Your Vertical Leap?

Download The "Power Bouncing" Tendon Workout Here I always get asked "how are the calves important in how high you jump?". People always ask me, "how important are the calves?" Oh, the calves are important... Oh, they aren't... I want to cut...

How to “Shock” Your Muscles Into Jumping Higher & Becoming More Explosive

Getting stronger is only one part of the equation for becoming a more explosive athlete. Many athletes misunderstand that STRENGTH WILL NOT NECESSARILY MAKE YOU FASTER. HOW MUSCLES BECOME EXPLOSIVE When you move your muscle, an electrical stimulus is sent by your...

The 9 Things You Must Do For An Explosive Vertical

Download The 9 Essentials To An Explosive Vertical Training to jump higher and increase your vertical leap is one of the most complicated workout routines you can do because it involves almost all aspects of improving your athleticism. You cant just...

How To Jump Higher Using A Simple Trick Track & Field Athletes Have Used...

This is just one of the many techniques that can immediately add height to your jump. You can get access to the rest of them inside our Instant Inches program here.  

Q&A: Will Vertical Jump Training Hinder Growth Or Make Kids More Prone To Injury?

Our Jump Manual program can be found here: https://trainhard-trainsmart.com/jumpmanual

Jacob Hiller Shatters Backboard at 24 Hour Fitness…

(tired legs...didn't even get the dunk down lol)

Q&A: Is It Better To Be A 1-Foot Or 2-Foot Jumper?

Got this question from John Peterson. Check the answer and tips in the video: Our Instant Inches program can be found here: https://trainhard-trainsmart.com/instantinches Our Jump Manual program can be found here: https://trainhard-trainsmart.com/jumpmanual

Q&A: Vertical Jump Workouts For A Busy Schedule?

We recently had a question from David F. about how to train when you have limited time. You can check the answer and the solution in this video: If you want to get personalized/customized responses to questions about your specific training,...

How training LESS can actually make you jump HIGHER

Click here for the exercise mentioned in the video. Most of you are training too much. That's right. You’re doing too many repetitions... you’re putting too many hours in the gym… ...and what happens is your body can be tuned for endurance,...

How To Train Your Vertical Leap In-Season

Today's question is how to train your vertical leap during your regular season... ...when you don't feel like you have enough time to do the exercises... ...or more importantly... to RECOVER properly from those exercises. There's a couple things to keep in mind: First, this is about...
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